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Our story is about how the masterminds behind Fu Tien realized that the food we consume can have a life-changing impact and that there is a need for more organizations to provide healthier raw materials and ingredients (such as our delicious ice plant). Health complications such as diabetes, liver/kidney problems, and heart-related concerns do not develop overnight. It takes years of poor eating habits and avoiding making an active change to overcome an unhealthy diet before you face such problems. You might eat a salad and not think much of it, but it is about the little steps that make a difference over time.

They say that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Take your first step towards a healthier lifestyle with Fu Tien. You can count on us to never let you down!


The natural resource endowments for the agricultural economy in Singapore are such that there is very little land to grow enough crops to meet the dietary needs of the population. At Fu Tien, we are aware of these productivity restrictions, which is why we make use of innovative agricultural technology. We make use of indoor hydroponic farming to:

  • Save space occupied in farming.

  • Yield richer and more nutritional results.

  • Grow plants quicker to meet the increasing demand.

Our current farm has been carefully designed, keeping in mind the ideal living conditions needed for ice plants to flourish. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our sophisticated hydroponic farming system is compliant with Singaporean law while also maximizing the quality and quantity of our ice plant harvest. 

Allow us to meet and exceed your expectations with our refined garden-to-table experience!

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